Press release

Press release

Dear Customers,

Stillemans and Cascade Metals are proud to announce that we have come to an agreement in order to ensure a brighter future of the lead division of Stillemans. Stillemans is transferring its complete lead program to Cascade and Stillemans will be providing its full support during this transition. Stillemans has been active in this business for more than ninety years. Over time the lead department no longer fit with the core business, meanwhile the expansion strategy of Cascade will allow them to better serve you. Cascade is also a family business and we both share the same values. Cascade has over forty years of experience in manufacturing lead, zinc, brass and copper came. With this new acquisition, Cascade will be able to provide customers with a reliable source of Stillemans lead for the global market.

A separate message will be sent to each of you with more information. We are confident that this solution will improve your satisfaction and will be beneficial to the stained glass industry. Please feel free to contact myself or Mike Turvey at Cascade with any questions you may have.

Mrs. Catherine Stillemans
Telephone : +32 2 481 05 30
Email :
Web : 

Mr. Mike Turvey
Telephone : +1.604.261.8884
Email :
Web :

We want to thank you for your past business over the years and wish you continued success.

Sincerely yours,

Catherine STILLEMANS Managing Director

Erasmus Research Park
Allée de la Recherche 32
B-1070 Anderlecht
+32 2 481 05 32

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