Stillemans’ extruded thermoplastic profiles have earned a worldwide reputation for their liability, quality and ingeniousness. Our main catalogue with more than 500 pages of alone thermoplastic profiles is the proof of 50 years of development and commitment to embellish our homes.

Our profiles are not just simply extruded plastic profiles. Many rigid profiles can be coated with aluminum in different finishes. By looking at it and touching it you cannot tell that you have a PVC profile in front of you. More different metal foils and transfer films provide a metal look, even for our flexible profiles.

During the past decades we have developed a great number of décor printing wheels. They make it possible to print wood or fantasy decors in an economical way on our products.

Hundreds of extruded thermoplastic profiles with thousands of finishes are already available in our program, but if you need a profile that we do not have yet, you can count on us to advise you and to develop your profile in close cooperation with you.

New technologies like 3D printing, the research in new ecological materials and close cooperation with universities and start-up companies show that Stillemans Profiles - with its 80 years of experience - is as young as ever and ready to face the next 80 years.

Stillemans provides also PVC and ABS edgebanding in different sizes and colors.