Stillemans has a large variety of technical profiles. Co-extruded corpus sealing profiles and plinths as used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as dozens of connection profiles, developed to join panels in straight, rectangular or even flexible angles. Most of these profiles are not only available in simple plain colours, but with printed decors or transfer films, too. In that way they serve the technical purpose without neglecting the esthetical factor.

Producers of office furniture find a large choice of cable management profiles, door stop strips and base profiles for sliding doors. Booth constructers use our profiles to erect their stand constructions.

One of our all-time best sellers is the PVC L 1270 T BIDUR. It precedes the family of our glass framing profiles which are used by kitchen furniture manufacturers all over the world.

More profiles have been developed for drawers, roller shutters, tiles and many other purposes.

New compared to our programme of classical plinths are profiles used in combination with LED strips. Thanks to low power consumption and low temperatures of modern light emitting diodes, they match perfectly with our profiles that have been especially designed for that purpose.