Ethical Charter


Labor Standards

Voluntary Employment

No child labor: In any circumstance, the use of child labor is forbidden. A child is any person under the age of 15.

Non-discrimination: conditions of employment must be based on an individual’s ability to do the job, not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.

Respect and dignity: proper measures must be taken to promote a workplace free of harassment, inhuman treatment and threats of violence, corporal punishment or other forms of physical coercion or verbal abuse.

Working hours: working weeks have not to exceed the maximum set by the local law with a maximum of 60 hours per week overtime included.

(source: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Health and safety Standards

Workplace: suppliers must ensure safe and healthy working place environment. With appropriate controls, safety procedures appropriate protective equipment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Procedures have to be in place to manage, track and report occupation injury and illness. Corrective action must be taken to eliminate their causes.

(source OHSAS18001)


Environmental Standards

The supplier must ensure that it will act in environmentally responsible matter. At least the supplier has to be in compliance with the applicable environmental aspect and regulations.

(source ISO14001 and others)


Ethical Standards

STILLEMANS expects its suppliers to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct, to respect local laws and not to engage in any form of corrupt practices including extortion, fraud or bribery.


Monitoring and compliance

To ensure compliance with this code, STILLEMANS Profiles have the right to monitor factories through audits.


C. Stillemans                                                                                               Zellik, January 2017

Managing Director N.V. Stillemans S.A.