Our products have gone through a long stage of development themselves.

From the earliest idea to the extrusion of the final profile many studies, tests, modifications and calculations have been necessary.

Every year, around 120 new products are examined, each being filed with a technical plan. Between 15 to 20 % of these technical studies finally pass the next step and are subject to the development of an extrusion die. Stillemans designs, develops and builds all dies itself. A team of engineers and metal workers works closely together with the Research & Design (R & D) department to meet the customers’ specifications.

Stillemans observes very closely the latest trends in the furniture and fashion business and adds permanently new décors and colours to the huge range of finishes already existing. In that way, about 60 new décors and 60 new plain colours are colour-matched every year.

With the use of a spectrometer, a glossmeter and a durometer, we verify the colour, the specular reflection gloss and the hardness of an item to reproduce these properties as minute as possible.

Since 2013 we have used 3D printers to produce prototypes of injection moulded or extrusion moulded items. This time and cost saving method is a further step to an even greater flexibility towards our customers.

Flexibility has always been one of our advantages. We produce certain profiles in quantities as low as 600 m for certain profiles.

Recently we have started experimenting with ‘smart’ materials and surfaces. We are showing a big interest in the sector of LEDs and new technologies, thus expanding our classical sector in the furniture business to new horizons.