We have been certified ISO 9002 since 1997 and ISO 9001 since 2004. All employees work together to obtain a high degree of quality. Good training and equipment are the basis of our quality politics.

Reducing the amount of raw material needed for production and optimizing the production itself are further objectives on which we are working, both resulting in a smaller consumption of energy material, which accumulates inevitably in the beginning of the production when the toolings and extrusion machines have to be calibrated, is gathered and recycled. Some profiles have specially been designed to use recycled material, others work with them just as fine.

In the course of decades, a residential area has grown around the factory. The presence of families living so close to an industrial production site has been a particular challenge for us. But our efforts had been worth it and a new environmental certificate was issued by the Flanders’ Region in 2005 with a validity of 15 years.